We take advantage of the exquisite raw material that abounds in the south, we use the best meats and cuts of the area to produce a unique product. We specialize in pan meat, grilled meat, and of course on the grill. We have meat of wild boar, beef, pork and lamb which gives us a variety of flavors and textures for our dishes.
We have taken the concept of Chilean barbecue and we have added a homemade touch, integrating the guest with the kitchen, we give the possibility of the passenger preparing the barbecue. We have differentiated ourselves from the common grill by being able to create a special atmosphere, delivering a comfortable and more intimate service (reservation, minimum 8 people).


Our hand-made masses with purely Italian recipes give us something to talk about, sauces with natural products together with fresh seafood offer us the possibility of offering new culinary experiences. Lasagnas, fettuccinis and panzzoti are our specialties, as well as the dishes best criticized by our visitors.


The south is not only known for its red meats, but its rivers and coasts are extremely generous. Trouts, salmon and seafood expand our menu delivering tasty and light dishes. All the products are fresh and served at the moment, which allows us to offer an exquisite tasting.

Salads to taste with the products of our garden, season and day. With a wide variety of fruits and vegetables you can taste naturally good flavors.

We invite you to try our homemade ice cream, accompany it with a grain coffee, and feel at home ...

* To ensure a table and be able to deliver a high quality service we recommend booking.